Deposit and withdrawal of funds

It is very easy to make a deposit to your PariMatch casino balance. For this, there are special payment systems:

  • Bank cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro;
  • Electronic wallets;
  • Mobile operators;
  • Other types.

The translation is carried out quickly enough. Takes just a few minutes.

If you encounter any difficulties, you can always contact the consultants at the technical support service of the online casino PariMatch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a wide line/roll in PariMatch?

Not at all. The PariMatch bookmaker’s odds are average: around 4-5%. For soccer, they are the highest and average 4.2%. In basketball, tennis and hockey they are on average 5%. These odds are not bad, although not the best.

How to get identified?

  1. Register on the official site.
  2. Activate your account (you should receive a letter, click on the link).
  3. Go to “Account setup”, then to the tab “Account information” and specify the cell phone (real). It must coincide with the number on the First Registry Office site (if you already have an account there). Click “Send a code” and then enter it on the site.
  4. Then you must upload scans/photos of your passport, some other docs, and a photo with a passport in hand – this will be the verification procedure for PariMatch.
  5. You will only have to go to any Evroset branch with your passport and say: “I want to be identified for NPO Mobile Card”.
  6. We recommend that you create an account in the First Central Unit of Accounts and confirm your identity in advance. This is a one-time procedure for all legal offices working through it.

Does Parimatch cut maximums/coefficients?

Yes, it is common practice for most bookmakers. The PariMatch rules say roughly the following: we can set at our discretion any betting limit on any event for any player. The same goes for other restrictions (such as lowering odds).

I can not withdraw funds, support says: wait up to 14 days.

Most likely, you are suspected of something, like multi-accounting, using third-party software, etc. Maybe you’re just going to get cut because you’re a forked player or just a plus player. Unfortunately, you just have to sit and wait, because there is no rule-breaking on the part of the PariMatch office, they have the right to do that.

When and how does the office remove the 13% tax?

PariMatch is among the companies that take tax time. I.e., in theory, any amounts of withdrawal tax should not be taken. In practice, there may be exceptions. Also, the situation may change in the future.

Can I change my registration information?

If incorrect data was entered during the registration and you want to change it, write to support email with the following information:

  1. the name you provided at registration;
  2. the correct names and surnames;
  3. game account number;
  4. the e-mail indicated During registration;
  5. the reason why the data was entered incorrectly;
  6. color scanned copy or legible photo of your passport for confirming the data correctness.
  7. after your request is submitted, our specialists will review it within 24 hours.

I funded the game account, but the money did not come. What to do?

If I used a bank card/e-wallet for replenishment:

In case the money was deducted from the balance of the bank card/e-wallet and was not deposited to the balance of the game account within 30 minutes, for clarification of information on the payment it is enough to send a letter to our e-mail support account with a screenshot of the history of financial transactions on the website of the payment system, confirming the payment to PariMatch account. Please also specify in your e-mail the number of your game account and point out that the sum of payment has not been reached on your balance.

Our specialists of PariMatch will send a request to the payment system on the basis of the provided screenshot and will do everything possible to help you resolve the issue.

Please note that the time of funds crediting depends on the payment system of the issuing bank.

If you used a terminal to top up: Contact the support service of the terminal network by the number specified on the receipt or on the terminal itself to clarify the reason for the non-receipt of funds.

If that didn’t help, write to support email indicating your account number and attaching a photo of the receipt. If there is no receipt left, ask the terminal network support service for a duplicate copy of the receipt which will be emailed to you.

Our specialists will solve the situation as soon as possible, and you will be notified in writing about the details.

100 dollar bills

Put money in your gaming account

Why do I need verification? How to go through verification?

Verification on PariMatch is carried out to verify that the data provided by the participant of the game when registering on the site with the data of his identity document, checking for age or presence in the list of individuals restricted from gambling establishments and participation in gambling.

For verification on PariMatch it is necessary:

Upload color photos of your ID document in your personal cabinet (document pages must be fully visible).

Important: acceptable file formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, maximum size 5 Mb.

Pages of the passport of a citizen of the country:

  1. page with the registration (registration stamp) at the place of residence;
  2. selfies with the document (the page with the photo should be open in the document).

Pages of the residence permit:

  1. pages 5 and 17;
  2. page with the mark (stamp) on the registration (registration) at the place of residence;
  3. selfies with the document (the page with the photo must be open in the document).

For foreign citizens pages with data:

  1. surname, first name, patronymic (if any), series (if any) and number of the document, date of issue and validity, the official name of the state where the document was issued, the authority that issued the document, photo, date of birth, residence address;
  2. selfies with the document (the page with the photo must be open in the document).

After verification of the documents the gaming account will have the status “verified”.

Now you can replenish your account and play!


Go through the verification process now

How to order a quick withdrawal from the game account to the cashier?

  1. Select PariMatch Cashout in the “Withdrawal” section and press the “Order” button;
  2. Specify the amount of your order and your date of birth;
  3. Tick the PariMatch booking office, which it would be convenient for you to withdraw your winnings and click “Place an order”;
  4. Check the box “I want to receive the money within a business day;
  5. Confirm your order.
  6. Fast payment of applications is made by betting shops marked with a sign.

The maximum amount on PariMatch for fast payment orders is specified in the list of betting shops.

Making a PariMatch withdrawal request at a betting shop, you can be sure that it will be processed within 15 minutes and you will be able to withdraw your winnings in 30 minutes after the request has been confirmed.

This application will be valid for 72 hours from the moment of execution.

Now you know the answers wot the most common questions and you are ready to play and make a profit! Good luck!